Are guitars feminist icons?

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that the guitar is most likely a feminine instrument, in the way it is played, it moves us and it expresses.

Sure, most of the famous guitarists to date have been men, but were they not predominantly rather effeminate men, what with their eyeliner and all those fancy clothes? Maybe they kinda got their career breaks in a male-dominated industry, too?

When you look at the actual techniques of guitar (which are extremely subtle and light on the touch) and the emerging generation of ridiculously good female guitarists, if you discount braggadocio-style playing, clearly developed by show-offs and wankers, then you might just determine that the mastery of the guitar parallels the mastery of feminine expressions of sexuality.

Perhaps that is why some of the best male guitarists of previous generations, tended to have acquired a certain level of infamy in the ‘ladies man’ department.


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