Stefan Sojka, Creative Director of Cyrius Media Group Pty Ltd, and owner of Ryde Recording Studio, has been a musician and composer all his life. He comes from a family of composers, with his grandfather, Jack Beaver, having been one of England’s leading film composers of the mid 1900s, composing, among other great classics, a number of Alfred Hitchcock’s film scores.

Check out Stefan’s granddad, Jack Beaver at IMDB.

Stefan’s uncles, too, had long careers in music, and Stefan is no exception to the family rule, having performed in numerous bands and as a solo entertainer since the late 1970s. Stefan wrote and performed original music in his bands and has written music for film and video, commercials and documentaries.

It has always been Stefan’s desire to have a special place where his audio dreams could come true. For many years this was out of his grasp, as he concentrated on live performance and other aspects of his career. Over the last 10 years, since branching out into Internet and multi-media, Stefan began working on building his studio, using the best classic synthesizers and the latest computer technology.

Now the studio is complete, with Mac Pro, MOTU 828mkIII and Creamware A16 Ultra Audio interfaces, Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio for Video Production, Native Instruments Komplete, vintage synthesizers, guitars, basses and an assortment of other gear.

Since the studio was opened, we have produced podcast theme songs, jingles, voiceovers, instructional presentations, video soundtracks, original compositions and numerous assorted audio production projects.

Our recording studio is based in Ryde, Sydney. Please call us on 0408 868 292 to discuss your project plans, or use our contact form if you prefer.