Centrally located in Ryde, we are in an ideal position to bring in voiceover talent from around the Sydney Metropolitan area. We have access to some of the best voiceover artists in Sydney, but you are also welcome to supply your own or do it yourself. It all comes down to the requirements of the job.

Voiceover recordings can be used for advertising, instruction, demonstration, documentary, meditation CDs, political or journalistic narrative – in fact any medium where communication in the spoken word is required.

A professionally trained voiceover artist can make a huge difference to a presentation – which is why mainstream media make use of top-level voiceover artists so regularly.

We can also help with the scripting, timing and delivery of a voiceover, having had a lot of personal experience and voiceover presentation training ourselves at the Max Rowley Media Academy.

Our recording studio is based in Ryde, Sydney. Please call us on 02 9877 5544 to discuss your project plans, or use our contact form if you prefer.