Return of the Radio Play

The Skeptic Zone Podcast begins laying down voices for a new ‘radio play’. Ryde Recording Studio has had a long association with The Skeptic Zone Podcast – – with studio director, Stefan Sojka being one of the founders & co-hosts of the show. Recently, the show’s producer and host Richard Saunders, decided to bring back the good old radio play for a bit of fun. “Solar Flare” is a comedic space adventure, featuring all of the presenters on the Zone travelling the universe, Star-Trek-style, ridding the cosmos of pseudo-science.

With many of the presenters located around the world, Richard managed to capture a lot of the voices via Skype or simply by getting the presenters to send him their parts. For fun and authenticity, however, Richard decided to pull the rest of the team together for an old-fashioned radio play recording session in a real recording studio.

Ryde Recording Studio created the main theme song and much of the segment themes for The Skeptic Zone, so was the ideal choice to record the play.

It is still early days, as Richard has a great deal of work ahead of him to produce the final version, ready for podcasting, but the voices are now ‘in the can’, so to speak.


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