November run-down

Final Medical Observer podcast for the year
This week we put the finishing edits and touches on the finalMedical Observer “Observations” podcast for 2013. Host Dr Annette Katelaris chose a very apt guest as the silly season approaches, addiction medicine specialist and neurologist, Professor Jon Currie. Professor Currie is promoting the fact that addiction is a brain disease and requires a mix of social support, psychological support and medical/pharmacological support. In the podcast he talks about very successful treatment regimes, using a combination of drugs and counselling. Ryde Recording Studio has been very proud to be involved in these very informative medical podcasts, aimed at doctors, but featuring great content that would appeal to a wider audience as well. We are looking forward to 2014 as Dr Annette brings even more first class guests onto her podcast to promote the improving health of our nation.

Audio post-production for “Women in Film” short film entry “Trapped”
Last week, we were approached by independent filmmaker Cierwen Newell to complete the audio post-production work on her self-scripted and directed excellent short film “Trapped”. The deadline was rapidly approaching for the 19th WOW Film Festival – and there were a number of things that needed addressing in the audio; mixing the dialogue with the music and taking care of various little niggly things that inevitably happen during the recording of live acting scenes. We were able to utilize the amazing piece of software, iZotope RXII Advanced (soon to be upgraded to RXIII Advanced!), which has some powerful tools, like noise reduction, gain manipulation and spectrographic editing tools, where you can literally ‘see’ the sound and edit it as you would edit and image.

Cierwen knew exactly what she wanted, with regard to the mixing, levels and compression, etc, as she has created a highly dramatic work and wants maximum impact for it. She is great to work with and we highly recommend her as a video/film producer/director.
Once all the glitches and levels were taken care of, we moved the whole project into Apple’s Logic Studio, where we applied a few little tricks like ducking compression to help the dialogue be more clearly audible even while the dramatic music was playing, and automated level controls for certain parts to lift or attenuate them within the multi-tracked audio, which included multiple dialogue tracks, multiple effects (FX) tracks and two music tracks.
We wish Cierwen all the very best with her short film. Trapped is an amazing effort for such a self-made boot-strapped production. Ryde Recording Studio is very proud to play our small part in the local film industry by being involved in Cierwen’s project.


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