Mind Your Back – New Release from Ryde Recording Studio

We are very honoured to have been commissioned by ParaQuad NSW to compose a song for their new Spinal Cord Injury Prevention campaign, Mind Your Back – www.mindyourback.com.au

Alison Turner, from ParaQuad has been a long-time client and associate of ours through Cyrius Media Group, our main digital media company. When she found out about our recording studio and musical exploits, she kept us in mind until the Mind Your Back campaign came into being.

Mind Your Back is aimed at 16 to 24-year-olds, the most at-risk age group for Spinal Cord Injury. It is a comprehensive program of all kinds of media and teaching materials, as you can see on their Website. Originally, Alison had a few people she knew through the ParaQuad organisation create songs around the topic. When she ran the idea past us, we immediately accepted and determined to write a song with a ‘jingle’ feel, based on the title of the campaign.

We drafted the lyrics first to make sure we were ‘on message’ to the campaign. While it is pitched at a younger audience, we had to be careful not to offend, as it is a sensitive topic, singing about something as devastating as Spinal Cord Injury and the risks of become paraplegic or quadriplegic. After Alison approved our lyrics, with some very minor changes, we got to work on composing the song itself.

Amazingly, the song seemed to write itself. A catchy, singable tune, with a light-hearted feel, contrasting with the strong message, seemed to fit very well. We finished the rough mix just in time for Alison to preview the chorus at the Mind Your Back official launch – and the reception was excellent.

We are now in the process of preparing all the relevant copyright registrations and getting the song set up on iTunes and other online music stores, so that it can be published legally and purchased as a download, with portions of the revenue going to ParaQuad NSW, which is a registered charity.

Once the song goes live on iTunes, it will be promoted heavily, including radio play and other exposure through the ongoing Mind Your Back campaign. It is an exciting time for us to see that perhaps a song that we created is going to spread far and wide and encourage young people to take care of themselves more.

More news as it comes to hand…!


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