Medical Observer podcast interviews bring health industry heavy hitters to our studio

We were recently very fortunate to have been approached by Medical Observer Magazine to record and produce some of their audio podcasts. Well-known high-profile Dr Annette Katelaris hosts the interviews, inviting experts on a wide range of medical topics to tell their story to the medical profession at large. The project came to us after Medical Observer sought to outsource the recordings for quality and efficiency.

Dr Annette is a great interviewer and researches her topics thoroughly. Topics have ranged from HPV vaccination programs, to the future of medical training, the challenges of being a GP in contemporary times and the Australia National Disability Support Scheme. Podcast interview recording does present its challenges, especially when the subject is being interviewed by phone or Skype. It can also present problems, as it is a long-form interview format, so there is a higher likelihood of unwanted noises creeping into the recording, such as accidentally bumping the microphone stand or desk, rustling paper, or other environmental intrusions.

Remote interviews by phone limit the quality of the subject’s voice considerably. Even if the other party has their own professional recorder, there is no guarantee that the recording environment will be ideally suited.

So far we have produced four podcast interviews and using some mastering tools and some cleaning up processes, such as de-noising and spectrographic editing, the results have turned out quite well. They will begin appearing on this Website:

Thank you to Carol at Medical Observer for the great opportunity to be involved in creating these interviews and thanks also to Dr Annette Katelaris and her subjects for providing such interesting content. We are looking forward to doing more…


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