BMX Australia lays down their pre-recorded announcements for the live national championships

Ryde Recording Studio was very proud to have been asked to put together the pre-recorded voiceover announcements for the recent BMX Australia National Championships. Their usual voiceover man, Paul Chippendale, couldn’t be there to do his thing at the event, so it was decided to capture his exciting announcements in the studio to mix in with the music playing throughout the day at the event.

With BMX Australia’s Claire Blomfield, we selected a range of royalty-free action-sounding tracks from as background music, mixing up some suitable metal, dubstep and rock feels. We laid down Chippa’s voice making all the necessary announcements, from thanking sponsors to safety alerts, promotions and instructions, then used ‘ducking’ compression on the music racks to dynamically bring out his voice. It was all very last-minute, as there was so much for Claire to organise and the decision to do the voiceovers was a last-minute one. However, we managed to record, mix and master everything in time to upload to DropBox for Claire to download, add to her iTunes and set up all the relevant announcements into her playlist for the big event.

Thank you to Chippa, Claire and BMX Australia for the opportunity to play our small part in the BMX Australia National Championships.


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