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Ibanez Apex2 7-String Guitar


The Ibanez Apex series is a signature series of seven-string guitars created by Korn’s guitarist Munky. They were the official replacement of the Ibanez K7’s, and only links to James Shaffer after Brian Welch left the band. As of 2010 the tremolo of the guitar changed to a Lo Pro 7 with a U-bar. In 2011 the Apex100 replaced the Apex1.

The Apex 2 has a Green Shadow Flat finish. They come factory tuned to KoRn’s signature tuning: A, D, G, C, F, A, D (low to high). The Apex 2 has a DiMarzio® Paf 7™ (H) neck and bridge pickup.

The Apex 2 is basically a lower end guitar but with a different finish, neck, and recessed TOM bridge.