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Where is music going today?

It’s hard to imagine a world where all the music of the last 100 years didn’t exist – but there was a time… in 1908 Ragtime was cutting edge, the coolest, latest thing. Scott Joplin hadn’t heard the Beatles, or Steely Dan, or Duran Duran. Yet he created something that at the time was ‘out […]

Power of Music

The following questions were put to our Studio director, Stefan Sojka by a high school student, as part of a school assignment. We thought it might be worth publishing as an interesting take on music and Stefan’s insights. Q1) When did you get into music and what influenced you to start? I started playing the […]

MySpace for musicians?

MySpace, owned by Rupert Murdoch, seems to be a very popular place for bands and musicians to set up shop. One wonders why. I have a suspicion it’s because Murdoch owns so much media, he was able to publicize it. A lot of big bands trying to get onto the Internet/Web 2.0 bandwagon set up […]

How long does it take to record a voiceover?

Many people (including ourselves, sometimes) are surprised at how long it can take to complete a voiceover project, relative to the final length of the recording. This means that there are often misaligned expectations with planning a voiceover project and also with expectations of cost. In our mind’s eye, when we think about a voiceover, […]

Going Loopy

Since converting our Sydney recording studio to Apple, and getting Logic up and running, I have been struck by the explosion of loops, both Audio and MIDI, that has pervaded the computer music industry. In some kind of mash-up of real music and computer generated music, loops have taken over not only the industry, but […]

Ableton Live 4

Sequencing audio & MIDI at the speed of sound. Published in magazine Dec 2004 – Australia-wide circulation Introduction If one sequencing program could be said to be turning the music world on its head, it’s Albelton Live – a sequencer designed from the ground up as a live performance powerhouse, audio loop arranger and […]